Monday, August 13, 2012

FINALLY living in our home!!!

Aloha All,

Well it's been a long time coming but I am finally settled into our home.  Of my family of five I was the last one to finally live in our home.  We closed back in January and at that time my hubby moved in.  In June our boys moved in but due to military requirements I didn't get the pleasure to relocate until August.  I am very fortunate to have received an assignment in the area and finally all be a family again under one roof!

Here are some updates from my last post :Furniture Woes"... our credit card refunded us the money we lost when we purchased a dining room set from the Roomstore which went out of business within two weeks of us ordering the furniture, all I can say is shady salesperson - she knew what was going on when we ordered!

We ended ordering our dining room set from Haverty's due in by 7 Sep.  We did like a set from Rooms to Go, however since they aren't local I didn't want to take any chances with damages or anything else.  Due to our experience with the Roomstore, I am very leary.  Our family room furniture was ordered from Belfort Furniture in Dulles, VA and all I can say is outstanding service.  The rep has been very helpful, friendly, patience, etc.  I had lots of communication with him from Hawaii and he was amazing.  We also ended up ordering our bedroom set and both were delivered on Friday.  Our living room furniture is still on order, hopefully arriving end of August or early September.  And our stuff from Hawaii arrives on the 17th.  I know this is a work in progress but I can't wait to have my home squared away!

Well that's all for now, pictures will be posted soon!



  1. I love Belfort Furniture in Dulles, VA. We ordered quite a few pieces from there for our current house.

  2. Glad to see you've finally made it to the right coast:-) We might have to venture out to Dulles to check out Belfort. We get our bedroom set from Haverty's delivered tomorrow.

  3. Welcome home! It must be so hard to be separated for that long! I would know, I'm an Army wife! Can't wait to see pictures of your furniture once it arrives!