Monday, July 2, 2012

Furniture Woes

Hello all,

My time in the house was short lived as I had to depart to Biloxi, Mississippi after two weeks.  I will be here until the end of July, back to Hawaii for a week and then FINALLY I'll be in our home (1st week of August) permanently!!!

So my two weeks were spent looking for furniture, however, somethings were not meant to be!  Let me see where I can start.  We visited a few furniture stores in our area and purchased a living room, family room, bedroom and dining room set as well as a server to serve as a mini bar in the basement.

Here's how everything turned out:

Living Room - We ended up purchasing a living room set and after we paid for it and were about to the leave store another salesperson mention that the set we had just bought had been discontinued...we immediately went to the store manager for confirmation and yes it was no longer available, we ended up getting our money back without a problem.

Bedroom - Then we went to another furniture where we purchased a bedroom set and upon delivery it was damaged.  I called the salesperson and she agreed to send us another set that was to be delivered this past Friday.  My husband inspected the furniture before it got off the truck and unfortunately it too was damaged, so we cancelled that order and will be looking elsewhere.

Family Room - Found a nice set that has been ordered and is expected for delivery the 1st week in August.

Server - Delivered with numerous damages, unfortunately we didn't read the fine print and once orders are delivered there are no cancellations.  So they are to be delivering a new one this Friday.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives without damages.

And finally the dining room set - We ordered a dining room from the Roomstore...I am posting the store name for others to be forewarned...When we ordered the dining room, everything went rather smoothly, we were told the item was on backorder and normally would take 6-8 weeks to arrive, that was not a problem.  Well I called them Friday to see if there was any update on the furniture and low and behold, the lady that answered the phone says that the Roomstore went out of business...I asked her the status of previous orders that had not be delivered but paid for in full, yes in full, I paid with my credit card, and she said she had no clue for me to call back on Monday.  I immediately called my hubby and sent him to the store.  He found the doors looked and after pulling and tugging for a few minutes someone finally came to the door.  He asked for Lisa (who I spoke to) and she refused to come to the door, she sent a male to the door who reiterated what I was told.  We contacted the credit card and they are working with us to refund us the money we had paid (I had also already paid my bill in full).  Come to find out after some research, Roomstore had filed for Chap 11 Bankruptcy back in Dec and had not fulfilled orders or honored extended warranties.

So now we are back to the drawing board on all furniture except the family room...what can I say???

Well that's all for now...Take care and Aloha!


  1. :O that is insane! We did have to ship two things back as well, breathe...

  2. That sounds like a nightmare! Did you end up getting your money back?

  3. OMG! I was just looking on Roomstore's website to look at furniture for the store in Charles County, but I'm glad I looked at this post! I have heard horror stories about them and this has just confirmed my suspicions once more. Do you guys have a Rooms To Go nearby?

  4. @ Steve + Ericka - yes it was insane...never had that happen to us!

    @CMM - it has been a nightmare...working with the store has been pointless. Glad we used our credit card for the purchase as they refunded our money and they will deal with the vendor.

    @ Timika...unfortunately no Rooms to go in the area. They seem to be more of a southern franchise, however since I'm in Mississippi I was able to visit a store and found out they do deliver to Maryland. They have really nice selelctions that we plan on ordering from their online store.

  5. That's crazy! We spoke to our soon to be neighbors and they actually suggested that we go to The Roomstore! Thanks for the warning!

    1. Geesh!!! What the.......frackle nackle kind of bull is that??

  6. “Then we went to another furniture where we purchased a bedroom set and upon delivery it was damaged. “ – Aw, I’m sorry about that. Good thing that the store was able to replace it with a new one. I think aside from looking for quality furniture stores, we should check out the company who will deliver the item. Do a background check on the delivery company.