Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another upset!!!

So we they scheduled to start on 31 October so I asked my hubby to get with the PM for the schedule since they said it would be available the week before.  Well the PM informs my hubby that we have been pushed back yet another week, now starting on 7 Nov and that our settlement date now will be end of January to mid February...this is not what we talked about at all.  When we first decided, back in August, to get the house we were told that we would be settling early to mid Jan which was perfect as my husband's current lease is up 15 Jan and I would be able to travel during that time to be there for the settlement. 

I had to ask my SR why the push back - here's the email I sent:
Hi SR,

Hope all is well.  Rodney contacted PM to get the construction schedule for the house since we were told it was now scheduled to start on 31 Oct, well PM informed Rodney today that we have been pushed back to start on 7 Nov with a settlement date of late January to mid February.  Any word on the reason why this 2nd push back?  We are trying to schedule for me to be there for the pre-settlement/closing and Rodney's lease is up 15 Jan.  Any news would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you.  

Here was the response:
Yes - I wasn't aware of this until I got into the office yesterday. Basically, there was another contract written for December that took a long time getting loan approval. Originally, you were scheduled to start before them because they didn't have loan approval but they got loan approval last week so, because they were written for December delivery, they were prioritized for starting construction.
PM's normal schedule would have you settling in the first week of February right now. However, he beats his schedule by at least a week about 85% of the time. So I would expect you the be settling in the last few days of January. January 15th is not going to happen, but it is very possible to get you in January. There is really no way to know for sure until we get past the initial stages of construction. I would be contacting PM every week for an updated schedule (send him an email referencing your lot number and he will let you know what's going on) and we spoke yesterday and he understands that you would prefer to settle as quickly as possible. PM is really your best resource for up to the minute construction information so I encourage you to email and call him regularly for schedule updates. I'm sorry that your start got pushed for this other construction start, but it simply had to do with them being under contract before you. You didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't a decision that PM and I got to make - it was simply our office looking at the dates the settlements were written for and them not wanting a December settlement to have any chance of being pushed into February.
Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I know you're anxious to start! I will be taking pictures for you whenever you need - just remind me.

I can't even put into words what I'm feeling...I don't know...I'm just frustrated...I know that due to military requirements I won't be able to take off in late Jan or early Feb so there go my chances of being there for the delivery of my house...and I fear with the winter weather right around the corner we'll be hitting more delays... :-(  Here's to hoping we start on 7 Nov!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dates changing already

So my last post was about our pre-construction meeting where we were told that they would be breaking ground on the 24th of October.  Well yesterday we received an email from our SR where she tells us that that they have us on the schedule to start on 31 October.  What???  I know it's only a week but I am anxious for the house to be built...hope this isn't the start of many setbacks :-(  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pre Construction Mtg today!!!!

Ok so I failed to publish the previous post so both of these are coming in on the same day.  My hubby met with our PM today to go over the details of the house, schedule of events and answer all of our questions.  I was on speaker phone the entire time and was able to listen in on everything.  I'm glad my sales rep and the PM were accommodating to ensure I was able to be a part of it as my hubby's cell didn't get reception in the basement.  I'm very excited to report that ground breaks on 24 Oct although I wish it was tomorrow and we should be closing early Jan 2012.  The PM said he has been running a few days ahead of schedule so it may be end of Dec which would be great but were gonna keep our focus on Jan.  At this point our lot has been staked, the black fence has been split opened, gravel has been laid and a port-o-potty is on our lot.  Our PM did not have our schedule yet but he should have it about a week before they break ground.    Soooo excited!!!!  

Pre Construction Mtg tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow we are scheduled for our pre-construction meeting.  My hubby will be going at it alone as I'm too far too make it!  But I hope to listen in on his cell's speaker phone.  It'll be an early morning as I'm 6 hours behind but oh so well worth it.  I sent him a list of questions to ask and hopefully he takes detailed notes.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

And the journey begins...

My process started back in May 2011 while I was deployed to Iraq.  My husband and I decided to buy a home as we are currently living in two separate households (Hawaii & Virginia) and with the amount he was paying for rent for a one bedroom apt it only made sense to use that money towards our own house.  My husband sent me a few websites of home builders in the area we were looking in (Waldorf, MD) and after some extensive online research we decided to build with Ryan Homes.  The complicated part for me was that I wouldn't be able to drive to a model to see it in person anytime soon.  I contacted the sales rep at one of the communities we were interested in and she has been amazing ever since.  Through the long distance communication she sent me numerous emails with options, pictures, and cost estimates to name a few.  When I completed my tour in Iraq at the beginning of Aug I returned home to Hawaii.  I went to Maryland in mid Aug for two weeks and during this time I visited the sales rep, visited some communities and toured some models despite an earthquake and pending hurricane. The day before I was to fly back we decided on a community and a model!  Talk about a busy...

We decided on the Zachary sad that I haven't seen blogs about it but oh well I guess I can be the first!  Selections on the home haven't been so easy as I am trying to decide on colors from 4,500 miles away.  But luckily I found a Daltile showroom here that features the tiles Ryan Homes uses and Lowes carries the Bruce Hardwood Floors...challenging but not impossible!  And viewing pictures of your selections has truly been helpful.

So this is what we have so far:

Zachary Model - Elevation C with Partial Stone
Siding - Island Pearl
Shutters - Winestone
Stone - hubby will be picking the color-Bucks County Rubble
9' ceilings
2' side extension
Garage Door Opener
Side Window in Garage (county requirement)

Foyer/Powder Room/Laundry Room::
Bruce Manchester Cherry Hardwood

42" Scottsdale Maple Cognac Cabinets w/crown molding
Upgraded Kitchen with cooktop & wall oven
Standard Island
Tan Brown Granite - Ubatuba Granite
Upgraded Kitchen Faucet (not by choice, had to get due to the granite)
Ceramic Tile Floors - Fidenza Cafe
Tile Backsplash (thanks to Shara's blog)
Recessed Lights

Family Room:
Optional Side Windows
4' extension
Fireplace w/blower - Ubatuba
Recessed Lights over Fireplace
Ceiling Fan Rough In

Morning Room:
Ceramic Tile Floors - Fidenza Cafe
Optional Side Windows
Ceiling Fan Rough In

Dining Room:
Bruce Manchester Cherry Hardwood
Bay Window - Side

Living Room:
Bay Window - Side

Owner's Bedroom:
Upgraded to Alternate Luxury Owner's Bath which includes the sitting area
Ceramic Tiles - Fidenza Cafe w/Slate Radiance Saddle Accent
Upgraded cabinets to Fairfield Maple Spice
Ceiling Fan Rough In

Guest Bath:
Ceramic Tiles - Brixton Mushroom
Upgraded cabinets to Fairfield Maple Spice

Bedrooms 2 ,3 & 4:
Ceiling Fan Rough In

Basement Lvl:
Finished with Media Room
Powder Room with vinyl floor #66182
Upgraded cabinets to Fairfield Maple Spice
Recessed Lights in Basement and Media Room

My husband met with CTI and Guardian:

I was not impressed with the samples they sent so we are going with the standard carpet in the Living Rm, Family Rm, all bedrooms, stairs and basement level...we will replace at a later time.

With Guardian we chose 1 pr speaker and flat panel prewire in the family room.  7.1 surround sound and flat panel prewire in the media room as well as two pairs of speaker prewires in the basement area.  We also chose the 6pk bundle of cable outlets

We were approved on 23 September and have our pre-construction meeting on 12 October.  The one thing I am concerned about is the layout of the house on the lot.  I have read some of the disappointments with the topo of the house and lot.  And some wishing that the house was closer to the front so that they would have a decent sized back yard.  With three boys I definitely need the yard space.  Wish us luck!!!

Once I figure out how to post pictures I will post some.

Have a good one!

Behind the blogging power curve...

So I am very new to all this blogging so please be patient with me.  I have been reading so many blogs regarding the process of building a Ryan Homes that it has inspired me to join to club.  But before I start my blog I owe many of you personal thanks as I have learned so much from your experiences.