Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pre Construction Mtg today!!!!

Ok so I failed to publish the previous post so both of these are coming in on the same day.  My hubby met with our PM today to go over the details of the house, schedule of events and answer all of our questions.  I was on speaker phone the entire time and was able to listen in on everything.  I'm glad my sales rep and the PM were accommodating to ensure I was able to be a part of it as my hubby's cell didn't get reception in the basement.  I'm very excited to report that ground breaks on 24 Oct although I wish it was tomorrow and we should be closing early Jan 2012.  The PM said he has been running a few days ahead of schedule so it may be end of Dec which would be great but were gonna keep our focus on Jan.  At this point our lot has been staked, the black fence has been split opened, gravel has been laid and a port-o-potty is on our lot.  Our PM did not have our schedule yet but he should have it about a week before they break ground.    Soooo excited!!!!  

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