Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Laundry Room

Here are some pics of our laundry room.  This was our only purchase in the limited amount of time I was there.  We were hoping for the red color but it was out of stock in the brands and options we wanted so we settled for the LG Steamwasher WM3360HVCA and LG Dryer DLEX3360V in stainless steel.  I agree with Simon (Building a Michener II) that laundry is somewhat tight and there isn't much depth at least not in the Zachary nor the option for a utility sink unless we moved the laundry room to the basement which we really didn't want to do.  I was worried that the washer and dryer wouldn't fit but thankfully it did.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's ours now!!!

Hello everyone,

I know I've been MIA for about a month but I have been keeping up with your blogs.  Congrats to all those who have closed and to those soon to close.  I'm writing this Saturday from Hawaii, yes I've returned :-(  but here's a recap of the last week.

19/20 Jan - I was fortunate enough to make the trip to the east coast for the pre-settlement and closing.  After a grueling 11 hour flight from Hawaii my hubby scooped me up at the airport and we headed straight for the house for our pre-settlement meeting.  It started at eleven and we didn't get done until almost 4:30 pm.  Our PM went through the entire house with us and then we had a blue tape party.  There were a few things that needed minor attention such as uneven dry wall, spot painting, paint spots on the wood floors and banisters.  But we did have and still have an issue with the master bathroom tile floors.  We paid extra for colored grout and apparently they used one color grout on the walls and another on the floor.  We addressed this to the PM and he said he could tell where the grout was lighter on the floor so they were going to take care of it.

21-25 Jan - Spent these days searching for a washer and dryer and blinds as well as shopping for furniture.  We ended up buying a washer and dryer but will hold off on furniture until I return in August.

26 Jan - The morning of closing we had a final walk through but the floors were no better although he insists they took care of it.  I don't doubt that they worked on the floors they just don't look right.  We also pointed out a broken tile in the kitchen which he fixed but also used the wrong color grout on that floor so they will have to redo.

Closing lasted two hours...but overall the entire mortgage process was painless...we were fortunate to not have any issues and did not have to provide any last minute documents as I have read from other bloggers.  We took our time reading what we were signing and it took a bit for the settlement agent to get us copies of everything we signed.  Once we were done we got the keys and headed back to my hubby's apartment to start moving him over.

26/27 Jan - We were busy moving Thursday evening and all day Friday.  I was grateful to spend two nights in my new home but that's all I got until August.  I sent our PM an email regarding my dissatisfaction with the grout in both the kitchen and master bath and what the plan for correction will be.  I hope to hear from him early next week.

28 Jan - Back on the long grueling flight to Hawaii.  I know I'm lucky to live in such a nice place but I'd rather be in my home!  Here are a few pictures of the finished home plus the issue with the grout.

Until next time..take care!

Looking into kitchen from Family Room

Morning Room


From Dining room into Foyer

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom with light colored grout - should be darker!

Darker grout on bath wall...lighter grout on floor... :-(

Master Shower





Media Room

Kitchen tile that was fixed...wrong color grout!!!

Another shot of the repaired kitchen tile


Our first purchase - LG Washer
Our first purchase - Dryer