Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Laundry Room

Here are some pics of our laundry room.  This was our only purchase in the limited amount of time I was there.  We were hoping for the red color but it was out of stock in the brands and options we wanted so we settled for the LG Steamwasher WM3360HVCA and LG Dryer DLEX3360V in stainless steel.  I agree with Simon (Building a Michener II) that laundry is somewhat tight and there isn't much depth at least not in the Zachary nor the option for a utility sink unless we moved the laundry room to the basement which we really didn't want to do.  I was worried that the washer and dryer wouldn't fit but thankfully it did.  


  1. Looks good. I see you have two doors there - that really makes the space tight. Our laundry room is long, but about as wide, but still a bit awkward. We ended up with the laundry tub in the basement so that we would have room to put a laundry sorter and a small table, or at least that was the plan. Now I think we will have the laundry sorter and a small kitchen/microwave cart that we had in our old house and hadn't planned on bringing it over to the new house. It won't have a lot of room on top, but just enough to fold one thing at a time.

  2. I have found the same thing, a little more room would have been huge. We have had an LG front loaders for 7 years and love them.