Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello all,

Well it's been almost two months since we closed on our home and we have had many issues.  From the posts I've read from those who have closed I haven't read any negative issues with your homes so I'm glad not everyone is experiencing the same.  We expected to have the normal drywall issues and paint touch-ups but not the issues we've encountered.  Since my hubby has had to endure this all alone he is not a happy camper right now, wish I could be there to give him some support as it's not the same from a distance.

Issue #1:  Master Bathroom - As you may recall we had issues with our grout color in the master bathroom well here we are and the issue hasn't been resolved.  We are noticing that our PM likes to cut corners and his very words to my hubby is "we can pretty it up"!  He suggested they stain the grout to the correct color and we agreed but it only made the issue worse as they also stained the tiles on the wall which were fine.  Now we have grout that is different shades on the wall and the floors.  Since that didn't work I suggested that they scrape the grout and re-grout everything with the correct color.  His suggestion was that we re-stain using a darker colored, he suggested this in front of the flooring manager who was at our house taking a look at the floors.  The manager said you cannot re-stain over stain but he was insistent on re-staining.  My husband again suggested that the old grout be removed and re-grouted, his suggestion then was to acid wash the tiles.  I'm not the smartest person when it comes to fixing tiles but the mere thought of acid didn't seem like the right thing to do.  Finally after much discussion and frustration, the grout has been scraped but it was not re-grouted with colored grout, instead it was grouted white and will be stained.  I hope this is the final in this saga.

Issue #2: Kitchen - During my 2 days at the home back in January I noticed a glob of silicone underneath the counter top.  I had my husband add it to our 30 day list so that it could get cleaned up.  Well come to find out the reason it's like that is because there is a huge gap between the cabinet and the counter top.  We asked for the cabinet to be lifted in order to fix the gap, well come to find out there is a dip in the sub floor.  If the cabinet is lifted to close the gap on the counter top, there will be a gap between the kitchen floor and the cabinet.  We asked for the floors to be fix but we were told no because it would be too much work for them.  Instead they suggested a trim between the counter top and the cabinet.  I'm not happy about this solution but I'm not sure that the floors will be fixed correctly and if they were to go that route we are unsure if the grouting will become an added issue as well as damaging the cabinets.  I'm just wondering how the PM missed this when he was doing his walk throughs and check of the house while it was being built.  In addition, the side of the oven wall was cracked and it was evident that they pieced it back together, we asked for the side to be replaced and after much kick back the PM finally agreed to replace it.  In addition, if you remember the kitchen tile that was cracked and replace but only with the wrong color grout.  Well it was fixed but the grout is slightly different.  I'm sure the correct color was used but because it done afterwards from the rest of the floor it is somewhat noticeable.  I guess we're just gonna have to deal with it.

Issue #3: Fireplace - Again during my visit I notice that the left side of the granite surround was not flushed properly it was protruding some and on the right side it was sunken in.  Again we just placed it on our 30 day list, they came back on three different visits before it was finally corrected.

Issue #4: Guest Bathroom - Grouting in tile was sloppy and slipped over on to the tiles.   This has been corrected.

Issue #5:  Foyer Window - The foyer window had numerous scratches.  The person who ended up trying to fix this had not been informed that he supposed to fix the scratches on the window so he apparently was not equipped with a ladder.  When hee asked the PM for a ladder and the PM responded that wasn't his problem and to see if one of the individuals working on another house would let him borrow their ladder.  He was not able to get some to lend him a ladder so he had to schedule.  He returned the following week with a ladder to fix the window but in the process he scratched our hardwood floors.  Our PM and a flooring person got into an argument in front of my hubby regarding how to go about fixing the floors.  Still waiting to have those fixed.

We've had other minor issues to include paint on mirrors as well as light fixtures, landscaping, garage door, molding on floor in basement, improper piping, and scratches on stainless steel appliances but all have been addressed and fixed for the most part. We don't think we are being extremely picky but when we are paying so much for our home we expect it to be of good quality.  We don't feel that we received a quality product nor are we receiving quality service from our PM.  Hopefully this is an isolated issue and all goes well from here on out.

Here are some pics of the areas of concerns as well as the proposed fix for the kitchen cabinet...what do you think?

Well that's all for now...until the next post!


  1. Wow, I'm speechless. I can't believe what sloppy workmanship they expected you to accept. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this (especially long distance) and that they fix all these issues properly!

  2. Geez, that is really a shame. I do know that post build the PMs have a "budget" for fixes and they bring in other sub contractors to fix things, not the original ones that did the work. Its just like you having a 3rd party come in and repair something. So there will definitely be times where the PM will want to save money and Im sure they get some incentive for not spending. I did find out that my PM is an ex-Marine so hes very anal about everything (good). Good luck, ugh.

    1. Once a Marine, always a Marine. no such thing as an "ex-Marine" ;)

  3. So sorry to hear about your issues with the house. I can't even imagine having to deal with so much on top of moving, etc. Did you (or would you suggest) getting a third party inspection in addition to the appraisal? My husband, realator and I are having this debate at the moment. Hope things get better and Ryan Homes makes everything right :)

  4. Your PM seems like an idiot. Sorry you have to deal with this. Our PM was the same when it came to wanting to cut corners, but not to this degree. He seems more like a 'company man' than an idiot. And I get the feeling when he has to replace or fix something it detracts from some evaluation he must get from Ryan Homes, because he seems to want to fix things in a way where we are the ones making the sacrifice. No bueno.

  5. Steve has made a point that I gathered from my PM. How much they spend AFTER the close is somehow related to bonus pay. BUT, considering their survey holds more water (I believe), one would think (as my PM does), it's better to make the customer happy IF possible.
    Sorry for your issues.
    Your grout issues bring up something I have pondered at times. At what point is the repair worth the risk? For example, in my house there are door casings that are a tad short (but NOT filled with caulk as your picture shows)on one side. I am sure if pushed, my PM would replace. BUT, that means they would have to cut out the existing caulking, pull the trim, cut/nail/caulk new case molding. And what makes me think the end result is going to be better? Some may argue this point, but this tile/grout issue is a perfect example.
    It's a shame this type of discussion even has to happen.

  6. I would keep the fire under that PM's butt, hopefully he has not recieved those 10's they covet.You have spent a busload of money purchasing your home,make him get it right.

  7. So sorry to see you guys are having so many issues. I know it is frustrating to be spending so much money and feeling like they don't care. You have every right to have your issues corrected. It sounds as if your PM is part of the problem. We can not say enough good things about our PM and he would get across the board 11's on his survey if we were able. We have learned from our previous Ryan home that if you don't get results from your PM, you can go above his head. We had the man in charge of all of North East Ohio in our home to address our issues. Don't give up.
    The thing with the pipe is just a piece they put under there to support the pipe while the glue is drying. We had the same thing done in our house. Hang in there.

  8. Wow... Not sure how I'm feeling right now.. My Zachary Place will break ground in April and I hope I don't have the same PM and same problems.. What concerns me the most is why do you have mold growing on the floor in the basement? That's a sign of water coming through but I hope the issue is resolved for good!

    Good luck and YES- keep bugging your PM!