Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dates changing already

So my last post was about our pre-construction meeting where we were told that they would be breaking ground on the 24th of October.  Well yesterday we received an email from our SR where she tells us that that they have us on the schedule to start on 31 October.  What???  I know it's only a week but I am anxious for the house to be built...hope this isn't the start of many setbacks :-(  


  1. Have no fear...once they get started things will fly right along...while the PM and sales rep gave you the 24th as the date it is up to the main office to set the start date and give them the okay to start...not sure what all goes into that decision, but it is done at the divisional office...in addition, you need the build permit before they can start digging...we got held up an additional few days waiting for the permit to arrive...you will find that it will go very fast...changes almost daily...once they get through pouring the foundation and the initial set of inspections. Hubby won't be able to send you pictures fast enough.

  2. @BD...I hope once they start things will fly right along...but I am skeptical as the winter season will soon be upon the area the house is being built in. I will keep my fingers crossed, hope and pray for the best!!!

  3. The winter season really won't slow things down...once they break ground they will have you under roof in less then 3 weeks and once you are under roof the weather outside will not impact the build cycle...keep thinking positive...I know it is hard from so far away, but it will be worth it in the end!!!