Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Updates

Hello All,

I've been MIA but for good hubby was here visiting over the past week and half.  Unfortunately his time here went by too quickly but hopefully in January I'll be making the trip home to close on the house.  Although we don't have a firm date yet we are expecting to close around 26 Jan.

So updates on the and ventilation was done right before he came out here and of course as I predicted dry wall happened while he was here.  We missed the pre-dry wall meeting but everything looks okay so far.  He sent plenty of pictures that I am slowly dissecting!  We did notice that one of the speakers in the media room is in the wrong location so he'll be contacting Guardian to get it fixed.  The garage was packed with doors and cabinetry which I guess will be getting installed in the next week or so.  The drywall also still needs to be finished off (taping and patching).

Well that's all for now...

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