Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What else is missing???

Hi e-Family,

So as it turns out the window I was expecting which was in the model home is no longer part of the plans.  Hasn't been for about two years.  I was told by the PM that in an effort to reduce the cost of the house certain things like that window were removed from the plans.  Would have been nice to know when we toured the model home and/or had our pre-construction meeting!  Apparently there are other things that were removed but I still haven't been told what they are...I will re-engage with the PM to see if I can get some clarification...I'd hate to be surprised again!  So for those of you in the early stages get clarification of everything no matter how small it may be.

Take care,


  1. wow,
    although this is not the first time I have heard this, it still blows my mind. Seems like these things should be stipulated/clarified before signing a contract!

  2. This is why they should give us some type of photocopy of the plans from which they are building our house. The models are different, and are fully of non-standard upgrades.

  3. We have a copy of the blueprints for our current house, but our SR told us that they don't give homeowners blueprints so that their designs aren't stolen. I know that we signed a paper saying that we were shown the blueprints. However, it was only briefly as they were showing us the elevations. I'm sorry to hear that your window isn't there. I hope there aren't any other surprises!